Soul to MIND programming is a combination of lifelong research of pioneer scientist, Dr. Martha Clare Morris and Ayurvedic and holistic healing knowledge of her daughter, Reiki Master Teacher, Clare Morris. Dr. Martha Clare Morris created the MIND diet for preventative cure to Alzheimer’s. This Mind Diet has been ranked #5 among the World’s Top Ten Diets.
In 2017 Clare and Dr. Morris collaborated in opening Yoga House International, a yoga retreat facility and organic farm in Southwest Michigan. Clare has hosted hundreds of people for Reiki, yoga and culinary retreats at the farm while Dr. Morris enjoyed many weekends of rest and inspiration for her books and research; enjoying the peaceful, meditative space and farm to table food.
In the winter of 2020, Dr. Morris passed away after a sudden and mighty battle with cancer, just a year before her long-awaited trial results on preventative cure to Alzheimer’s.
Clare took her legacy forward through combining her holistic practices with the MIND diet creating this unique SOUL to MIND program. There is not a program in the world like this. Soul to MIND takes information found in medical journals and intensive educational programs and creates and makes it accessible and digestible for everyone. Soul to MIND’s mission is to create healthy communities by working through YOU.
Soul to Mind’s educational programing and certifications heal first the practitioner (YOU) and then your clients/community. This program promises to successfully guide you on your individual journey to wellness. By incorporating just 1% of the elements of the Soul to Mind program, you can create tremendous shifts in your health, wellness and aging process
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Dr. Martha Clare Morris 
Pioneer Epidemiologist 
Morris was a professor in the Department of Internal Medicine, assistant provost of community research and the director of the Rush Institute for Healthy Aging at Rush University Medical Center. She also was director of the internal medicine department’s Section of Community Epidemiology.

For more than 20 years, her work in nutrition and dementia was funded by numerous grants and resulted in many important findings published in high impact medical journals. Since 2017, she had led a nationwide clinical trial of the effectiveness of a diet she helped develop in preventing Alzheimer’s dementia.


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